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3-in-1 Oven Rack Puller / Pusher / Scraper Wooden Cherry Wood

Oven rack pusher puller and scraper made from hardwood cherry and walnut

A rack puller for air fryers, oven racks, toaster ovens and grills....pushes them in and scrapes them off too!

Our oven pusher / puller stick is designed to easily grab a wide variety of kitchen, grill/bbq, and oven racks to avoid burnt hands or spilled dishes as well as push them in. Even great for pulling out air-fryer baskets! Additionally, the reverse side of our stick is beveled on two sides so as to scrape oven racks and keep them clean.

How it's made:
We start each piece with pre-fallen urban lumber from yards and parks. Our artisan then carves it down and drills out some holes for the grabber. From there we sand it to a high finish and finally seal it with our SpoonButta olive oil + beeswax finish.

How to Care for:
Handwash only, may use soap and warm water. Re-apply SpoonButta or high-grade cooking oil every 1-3 months.

$ 12.00