About Us

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. is a small, artisan owned and operated business hand crafting a variety of high quality wooden spoons, spatulas, pizza cutters, and other utensils and home products. Each piece is hand chiseled and shaped from raw, ethically harvested urban lumber and finished with organic olive oil and beeswax.

Tim McGuire, founder and chief artisan, creates the pieces in his workshop in historic downtown Rock Island, Illinois, and has a distinct style all his own. He says of the handmade nature of his products, "There are slight variances in each: One spoon might have a slightly deeper bowl, or another a more chiseled looking handle. I've come to value these little differences and in the end, my customers rest assured that they are receiving artisan quality handmade goods." 

Tim sells his spoons at local and regional Indie Craft shows, in shops and boutiques on the local and national level, in subscription boxes, and even at a nationally recognized art museum as part of an esteemed culinary feature. A celebrity chef once purchased some of his work, but Tim says that the personal connections he makes with other business owners and his customers are still the heart of his business. 

Due to the level of individual attention each order is given, ship times may occasionally run a little slow. We recommend ordering in advance of when a special gift is needed and reaching out via e-mail if your handcrafted item is required before a certain date. We will strive to exceed your expectations!

 Image credit: Todd Welvaert / twelvaert@qconline.com

Image credit:Todd Welvaert / twelvaert@qconline.com