The Wild Kitchen

Market Schedule, May-June 2017

May 10, 2017 Molly McGuire

Market Schedule, May-June 2017

Have you been looking forward to the next opportunity to shop our beautiful handmade wares in person? Come meet founding artist Tim McGuire and learn about his processes while browsing heirloom quality classic favorites like spatulas and spoons along with newer items like bottle openers, chop stick sets, and baguette trays. Wild Cherry will be making appearances at four must-visit shows across seven different days in May and June. Read on to learn more about each as quoted from their own respective pages.  Renegade Chicago Pop-Up, May 13th-14th Halsted St. in Pilsen (Between S 18th St. and S Canalport Ave.)"Hey, Chicago! We’re...

What to do if your spoon has a case of the Fuzzies?

October 21, 2015 tim mcguire

Oh no, the Fuzzies?!? You have a beautiful, favorite wooden utensil that fits perfectly in your hand and you would never part with. You go to wash it for the first time and you feel the coarse, yet fuzzy feeling that no one ever wishes to feel! Your spoon has a case of acute grainy-ness (A.K.A - the Fuzzies...enter foreboding music).   So why did this happen? This unfortunate ailment can happen to nearly any spoon, or wooden utensil. No matter how fine of a sanding it is given it before its' first oiling. During the first wash it it can...

The Wild Kitchen: Fried Coconut Banana's

March 06, 2015 tim mcguire

Our first episode of The Wild Kitchen on Youtube will be featuring a yummy Thai dessert; "Fried Coconut Bananas". This episode will air on Friday, March settle down with your favorite Thai dish and maybe we'll even have a Friday the 13th surprise !!!