Why to stock your store with handmade wholesale kitchen and wholesale gift items?

June 16, 2023 tim mcguire

Here's our top 10 reasons to stock your gift, kitchen, or home goods store with handmade wholesale kitchen items (like ours)

  1. They're high quality - these are sturdy utensils meant to last a life-time and while that means they won't be coming back every year to replace the cheap $1 bamboo spoon you see at some stores they will tell their friends and family about it and buy/pass them on to relatives.
  2. They're made from recycled wood (or at least ours are) - All of our lumber comes from wood that is diverted from waste streams and given a new life in the form of a spoon or other kitchen utensil.
  3. They're unique - Our kitchen utensils are unique and the hand-carved handle provides a unique grip that is unparalleled. 
  4. They're Made in the USA - All of our products are made in Moline, IL USA which means you're supporting high-quality USA jobs!
  5. They're finished with a food-grade safe oil/beeswax blend
  6. You can drive repeat sales with our Spoon Butta - The care of our utensils (and any wood utensil) requires some type of food-grade finish to be regularly re-applied. This means that it opens you up to a new repeat revenue stream.
  7. They're functional art - Many handmade kitchen items double as functional art fulfilling two of your customers needs.
  8. You can get $100 off your order - If you're new to a wholesale marketplace like Faire, you can get $100 off your initial order helping improve your margin. Go to wildcherryspoon.faire.com for more details.
  9. Net60 terms - Also by using a marketplace like Faire you can get Net60 terms, freeing up your cash flow and working capital.
  10. Keystone pricing (or better) - Our handmade products have keystone wholesale pricing or better for you meaning we won't be undercutting your business online or in person.

If you'd also like to work with us directly just head on over to our "Apply for a Wholesale Account" page on our website and we'd be happy to work with you. We ship to customers in every country but will need proper business documents for export customers and pre-payment for International orders.

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