Kuro Collection Yakisugi Shou Sugi Ban Inspired Collection

It's like black satin for your cookware. The hot new (very old) trend currently bursting into popularity in the U.S.

While creating this new line of ebonized kitchen utensils, inspiration struck in the form of 300-year-old Edo Period Japanese architecture. Shou Sugi Ban, or more properly, Yakisugi, is a traditional method of preservation that uses an open flame to make wood more resistant to water and fire. Qualities that are certainly important when building a home, and if you ask us, are pretty relevant inside the kitchen as well.

As the wood is charred it becomes less porous, accounting for its increased durability and visible resistance to moisture. Another key benefit of this unique finishing processs is a buttery smooth texture that is an absolute delight to the senses! Cooking is such a sensory experience, and tools that feel good in-hand elevate it even more so.

While the traditional Yakisugi we were inspired by was and is still crafted with Japanese Cedar, we use sustainably sourced domestic hardwoods from our own locale. Add in ergonomic shapes with a stylish design, and these flame blackened original pieces are the perfect marriage of historic inspiration and modern aesthetic that your customers are sure to love!