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Wooden spoons pizza cutter and family gathering over meal

The Quick and Dirty:

1. All of our products are handmade in Rock Island, Illinois. 

2. Tim McGuire is the chief artisan behind the wares. He's been making spoons and other housewares since 2014.

3. He uses urban lumber. It's a local, ethically harvested option utilizing trees that have fallen in storms or would have had to come down anyway.

4. The products have a signature chiseled texture and style unique to Wild Cherry.

5. The spoons and other kitchen and cookware utensils are finished with organic olive oil and sometimes polished with beeswax. 

Photos: Feel welcome to utilize the photos in this Dropbox file in your articles or promotions. Please credit photos to Wild Cherry Spoon Co. in press publications. 

Press Blurb: Wild Cherry Spoon Co. is a small, artisan owned and operated business hand crafting a variety of high quality wooden spoons, spatulas, pizza cutters, and other utensils and home products. Each piece is hand chiseled and shaped from raw, ethically harvested urban lumber and finished with organic olive oil and beeswax. Our products have brought zest to a variety of exciting places, from wonderfully unique, local businesses that put the "small" in small business to prestigious art museums, popular subscription boxes, and high end retailers. But the most honorable place for our work to be, is at your table.

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