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Tumbler, Wooden Cup / Mug 5 Fl Oz.

Wooden Tumbler Cup Mug Bristol Renaissance Faire Renfaire Wood Cup

Our tumblers are made from your choice of walnut, cherry, maple, or a combination of them. Each tumbler holds approximately 5 fl oz. but each are handmade so some variation is to be expected. Like all of our products they are artisan handcarved from pre-fallen domestic lumber. The insides of the tumblers are finished with food-grade SpoonButta (olive oil + beeswax) while the outsides are finished with a semi-gloss polyurethane to help prevent warpage, cracks, and leaks over the life of the mug. 

These mugs are great for all warm/cold liquids however should not be used with very hot liquids (such as hot coffee) as it may cause the wood to crack. 

We also have many people use them as dice cups for games such as Backgammon or tabletop roleplaying games, such as D&D.

Care & Cleanup

Handwash only may use warm water & soap. Do not soak overnight. 

Re-apply SpoonButta (olive oil + beeswax) every 3-4 weeks depending upon use.

$ 20.00