Cutting Board, 13"x8"x1" With Handle *Bestseller*

Cutting Board, 13"x8"x1" With Handle *Bestseller*
One of our most popular style of cutting boards dimensions: 13"x8"x1" and made from solid hardwood these feel heavy and high quality in your hand.

Priced to compete with big box stores people are often amazed at the quality and affordability when we take these to markets and they sell out almost every time. In fact, the most common barrier to sale is usually "Why are they priced so low?" and the reason is that we harvest all of our hardwood from fallen sources, most of our product pricing is in the labor of carving and while there is a nice amount of material here it really doesn't take us that long to carve in comparison.

Made in Moline, IL from your choice of Oak (Pictured, Tan), Walnut (Dark) or Cherry (Reddish brown) and finished with our SpoonButta olive oil+beeswax finish. Handwash only and re-apply oil finish every 2-4 weeks depending on use. Store standing up to prevent cupping or warping.
$ 20.00