Chiseled Safety Razor & Shaving Brush Combo Set

Single blade double edge wet shave safety razor and synthetic brush

Combo set of our best-selling Chiseled Safety Razor and our new Chiseled Shaving Brush. Each combo set is matched material, i.e. Walnut Razor, Walnut brush, etc.

The Razor

Our razor is a single blade safety razor style. The blades provide a very close shave and are also very economical plus completely recyclable. To replace a blade, simply gently twist off the razor head and insert a new blade.

The Brush

We did a lot of research into brushes and got into the age old argument of animal (Badger/Boar/Horse) hair or synthetic. After researching it quite thoroughly we found that while yes Badger hair does often provide a better lather it's typically only when you buy the finest badger hair, however what makes the badger hair so great at lathering is the cuticles in the brush. Similarly to how makeup brushes made of animal hair trap bacteria into the cuticles so does a shaving brush except it's usually magnified due to extensive moisture. So, we opted for the highest quality, best synthetic brush we could find. We are more than happy with it ourselves and sleep save at night knowing that it's not as bacteria prone.

The Gift Box

Each order comes in a gift box with lush satin lining and five complimentary blades, one razor and one brush. Each box has our "Chiseled" brand logo/illustration on it. (Chiseled Razors is a subsidiary of Wild Cherry Spoon Co.)

Artisan Handmade

Each razor and brush are artisan handcarved from pre-fallen domestic urban lumber.

The Comfort Grip

Each of our products features our signature chiseled edge which is handcarved. These form comfortable, ergonomic finger grips.

$ 80.00