Bench Scraper Dough Knife Sourdough & Pan Scraper

Bench Scraper Dough Knife Sourdough & Pan Scraper
Artisan handmade dough knife and bench scraper. Also works great for cleaning out large cast iron and non-stick pans. Ideal for the bread and baking enthusiast in your life that appreciates handmade kitchenware.

Can clean up flour and dough off benches and tabletops, scoops dough out of a bowl, cutting and shaping sourdough loaves and pastries. To prevent wet dough from sticking lightly coat the scraper in a dusting of flour before use.

Dimensions: 6" x 4"
Double Beveled
Available in Walnut or Cherry
Finished with food-grade Olive Oil and Beeswax for a durable finish
Handwash only - do not soak - re-apply a food grade oil (olive oil for example) every so often.
To re-sharpen use 120 grit sandpaper and lightly sand at the original angle.
$ 22.50