The Perfect Oven Rack Puller

October 23, 2022 tim mcguire

Over the years we've had countless customers come to us and tell us just how much they wish they would have had our 3-in-1 Oven Rack Puller to save them from minor (and sometimes major) burns. The beauty of this simple tool is that it's compact, lightweight, doesn't require you to take them on and off (like oven mitts) repeatedly and can accomplish many tasks in the kitchen.

Need to push the rack in? Use the front nose slot of the tool. Need to pull it out? Use the hook. Need to scrape off something that got stuck on or get some stuck on cookies off a pan? The tapered end of the tool is perfect for that!

But it doesn't just stop in the kitchen, we've had people tell us how much they love using it to use it as a rack puller for charcoal grills.

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