Kuro Collection Yakisugi Shou Sugi Ban Inspired Collection

Coffee Scoop, Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi Inspired Finish

Coffee Scoop, Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi Inspired Finish
Our new Kuro line of flame blackened finished utensils is inspired by a centuries old Japanese finishing technique called Yakisugi - often misnamed in architecture as Shou Sugi Ban

This technique involves masterfully charring the utensil over an open flame taking care not to start the utensil on fire or char it excessively. It provides a silky-smooth finish, makes it less likely to absorb aromas, stain, or blacken/burn further.

The utensil is then has any over-charred areas scraped clean, washed, then finished with a natural oil similar to Yakisugi.

This listing is for our Coffee Scoop. It is available in four different design profiles:
Midnight - a full, ebony, char which covers the entire utensil.
Dipped - Gives a modern appearance of being dipped in liquid onyx with no stain/dye finish.
Smoke - A rich fog of velvety ebony char, blending gradually up the grain of the piece on both front and back.
Basin -
$ 10.00